Xingye Leather Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafterreferred to as "the Company") is the first A-share listed company inthe natural leather tanning industry in China (listed in Shenzhen StockExchange SME Board, code 002674), one of the leading enterprises in China'stanning industry, China top 500 private enterprises and 100 key industrialenterprises in Fujian Province. It is also an innovative and new high-techenterprise in Fujian Province as the major taxpayer in the China leatherindustry. The Company has a “National Enterprise Technology Center” and anacademician workstation.

The company specializes in the research,development, production and sales of mid-to-high end natural full-grain leatherproducts. It has formed a product layout with three main series of Nappa,natural milled and special effect leather, which are widely used in such areasas furniture, leather clothing, and bags and suitcases, etc. The Company hasestablished cooperative relationship with various famous brands at home andabroad, for example, BELLE, SENDA, RED DRAGONFLY, DISSONA, Hongkong TimesSquare, LILANZ, WANLIMA, JIHUA GROUP, KANGNAI, AOKANG, DAZZLE FASHION, PORTS,HONGU, PRADA and BALLY.

Founded in 1992, the company is headquartered at No. 1 XingyeRoad, Anhai No. 2 Industrial Park, Jinjiang City, Fujian Province. It has threewholly-owned subsidiaries: Fujian Ruisen Leather Co., Ltd., Xuzhou XingningLeather Co., Ltd. and Xingye Investment International Co., Ltd.; it owns fourmanufacturing bases in Anhai No. 2 Industrial Park in Jinjiang, Anton Park ofJinjiang Economic Development Zone, Chihu Lake Leather Centralized Control Areaof Zhangpu, Zhangzhou and Economic Development Zone at Suining County, Xuzhou,Jiangsu, covering an area of over 538 mu, with the plant area of more than280,000 square meters and over 2,000 employees, and containing a whole processproduction line from original cattle skin processing to final leather. Itsparent company possesses a production capacity of over 150 million square feetof finished leather per year.

The company has always been in the leading position in theindustry in product research and development innovation, which is repeatedlyidentified as "new high-tech enterprise", as well as"Science-technology Demonstration Enterprise in China's LeatherIndustry" by the productivity promotion center of leather and footwearindustry. The company's technical center was identified as the “NationalEnterprise Technology Center”. The Company introduced advanced R & D andhigh-end inspection equipment around the world from Italia and other countries(possessing the first "National Inspection Center" approved by ChinaNational Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) in China'sleather manufacturing industry). The Company not only has an R & D teamcomposed of top domestic leather technology experts and scholars, but alsoemploys the world's cutting-edge international leather technology collaborationteam. The Company has been widely recognized by many authoritative leathercertification bodies or R & D institutions at home and abroad, and hasestablished a solid strategic alliance with them. It has become a full memberof SATRA, an authoritative organization of tanning technologies in the worldsince 2006. The company led the drafting of a number of standards in theleather industry such as Technical Requirements for Environmental LabelProducts - Leather and Synthetic Leather (2010), Leather Machinery - BoardMobile Machinery - Safety Requirements (2013), Leather Machinery - RollerReciprocating Motion Machinery - Safety Requirements (2013), Furniture Leather(2008), etc.; it has successively undertaken such topics of National KeyTechnology R&D Program and

R&D projects of China Spark Program as"Application and Development of Clean Production Process and GreenIndustrial Chain Technology", "Application and Development of China'sGreen Manufacturing Technology of Leather", etc. The company has become aninnovative pilot enterprise of technology innovation project and animplementation unit of science and technology major special projects in FujianProvince, successively receiving the honor of World Leather’s "World'sBest Tanning Enterprise Gold Award in China Zone" (twice respectively in2011 and 2018), "Meritorious Organization for Leather IndustryStandardization", "Science-technology Demonstration Enterprise inChina's Leather & Footwear Industry", "Industrial InnovationAdvanced Enterprise", "Business Modernization Management InnovationPrize", etc. Over the years, it has won more than 50 national patentedtechnologies for leather.

The Company keeps in mind the socialresponsibility of “environmentally friendly and resource saving”, collects andhandles five categories of water (i.e. chromium-containing, sulphur-containingand comprehensive wastewater, domestic sewage and rainwater) independentlyaccording to the characteristics of leather industry, establishes awell-developed environmental management and supervision system and has priorityover "environmental protection" as the core competition advantage. Itis the first industrial enterprise passing the inspection of clean productionin Fujian Province. It has received many environmental protection awards suchas “Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Environmental Innovation Award”(2008) of China Leather Industry Association and “Excellent Enterprise forEnvironmental Protection” (2013) of Environmental Protection Magazine.

The Company adoptsinternational standardization management mode with improved management system,which has passed ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO14001 EnvironmentalManagement System and OHASA18001 Occupational Health And Safety ManagementSystem. In June 2019, it passed ISO50001 Energy Management SystemCertification; it smoothly passed and won BLC (British Leather TechnologyCenter) Gold Certification in 2011.

Selecting and usingsuitable employees, training and trusting them to make them succeed" isthe basic strategy of the Company's talent management. The Company is committedto absorbing, training, developing and retaining talents from the comprehensiveaspects of vision, career, culture, emotion and treatment, with its teamsspecializing in efficient management, top technology R&D and stablemanufacturing. It has won such honorary titles as “The Most InnovativeEnterprise Culture Case Award in Jinjiang”, “Quanzhou Top 10 PrivateEnterprises for Touching Employees”, “The Best Harmonious Enterprise inQuanzhou”, “CCTV Top 10 Annual Employers in Quanzhou”, “National Top 10High-integrity Enterprise”.

With the vision of "establishingcentury-old company with green leather", the mission of "servingbrands with leading fashion" and "becoming the leader of greenfashion", and the enterprise core values of "persistence,hard-working, struggling, dedication, integration and sharing", theCompany will stick to the "energy-saving and environmental friendly"new development road of leather industry and arouse all its efforts to improvemanagement and create prominent brands with its elaborate production. A single sailis lifting before fair wind. Xingye Technology is taking the opportunity of thecombination development of strategic operation in capital market and deepdevelopment in industrial market, to achieve the great goal of becoming acentury-old “World-renowned Leather Enterprise”!