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Xingye Training College has been set up with the cooperation of Sichuan University, Fujian Normal University, Huaqiao University and other colleges and universities to encourage all staff to receive education, including technicians. Xingye Technology Network Business College has been set up with the cooperation of Guanghua School of Management to encourage technicians to take the courses, middle and senior managers to study for Masters in Business Administration, and to select excellent technicians to study and receive training abroad. The reward in the aspect of post, material, and stock right will be given to excellent technicians. Now there are 222 professional and technical personnel including doctorates, senior engineers, senior technicians, engineers, etc.

The technology center covers an area of about 6,180 square meters. There are 72 sets of equipment for research, development and test, and 51 sets of analysis and testing equipment, with the equipment’s original value of more than 30 million yuan. There is Academician Expert Workstation of Fujian, CNAS Recognized Testing Center, Key Laboratory for Green Tanning Engineering of Light Industry in China, Key Laboratory for Green Design and Manufacturing of Leather in Fujian (under construction). Six Professional laboratories have been established, including tanning solid waste and wastewater reclamation, environmental and ecological protection, green manufacturing of high-grade leather, green leather chemicals and its applications, modernization of tanning industry and high conversion of collagen recovery.

The company has attained 62 patents authorized by the State (including 36 invention patents) and 2 computer copyrights. A total of 99 patents, including 72 invention patents, have been applied for, and 40 trademarks have been registered and valid in the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, of which one was awarded as the well-known trademark in China and two were awarded as famous brand products by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. Two trademarks were registered and valid in the Trademark Registry of the Intellectual Property Department of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. We have chaired the drafting of one standard in national / industry level, and participated in the setting of 7 standards. In order to protect the core interests of the enterprise, a series of protection measures have been taken for key core technologies to prevent the loss of technical information, and a set of protection systems for intellectual property has been formed, including the protection of technical secrets, patent protection, standard formulation and so on.

Stimulation of innovation is the key to cultivate and obtain the competitive advantage of technology. Xingye Technology has attached great importance to the construction of scientific and technological talent team, established an effective human resources development and management system, and formulated a special training plan to constantly improve the mechanism of selecting, training, employing and retaining people. At present, the company has formulated and implemented a series of incentive systems, including “training, post, material, and stock right incentives”. A short-term and long-term talent incentive policy has been adopted to lay the foundation for the innovative development of the company.