Social Contribution


Social Responsibility

While pursuing the interests of shareholders and its own development and comprehensively paying full attention to the interests of other stakeholders, the company takes it as its duty to contribute themselves towards the harmonious development of the society. The company has, from the beginning to end, been caring about vulnerable groups and supporting public welfare undertakings. As a member of the Jinjiang Charity Council, the company has been committing itself to various charity activities, set an example by donating tens of millions to the society, which fully embodies a corporate citizen’s responsibility to care for and give back to the society. Being well aware that talents are the life and foundation of an enterprise, the company unswervingly motivates its employees with constantly perfected welfare benefits, cultivates with global advanced technology and management philosophy, develops with reasonable career planning and enriches their spare time life with colorful cultural activities, building an atmosphere of corporate culture featured “concept of homelike and Emotion of love” to be full of considerateness, warmth and happiness.