The company adheres to the spirit of putting efforts into management and creating famous brands with fine workmanship, clings to the faith of “Green Leather, Century-Old Xingye”, and strives for the vision to “provide high-quality leather products and services for famous brands in the world”. It insists on the enterprise spirit of “concentration, passion, sharing and innovation”, comprehensively implements the management principles of “market as the leader, environmental protection as the premise, science and technology as the orientation, quality as the guarantee, service as the reputation builder”, adheres to the principle of "equality, honesty, cooperation and development”, and proposes the development strategies for the next five years, including brand strategy, talent strategy, R&D strategy, marketing strategy and environmental protection strategy.

(1) Brand Strategy

In order to realize the vision to “provide high-quality leather products and services for famous brands in the world”, the company will, based on its presence in upper leather market and the brand advantages, keep abreast of the fashion trends of shoes and bags, increase investment in research and development, enrich the product structure, enhance brand promotion, and expand the company’s popularity and influence in the subdivisions of the leather shoe industry including outdoor shoes, fashion shoes and children’s shoes via various ways and channels. In the next few years, on the basis of consolidating and developing the upper leather and bag leather markets, the company will put more effort into the development of furniture leather and special functional leather, and strive to become a one-stop service provider of natural leather materials. At the same time, the company will enhance the sales and services of international brands and comprehensively promote the brand image of the company.

(2) Talent Strategy

The competition among modern enterprises is ultimately about talents. The company adheres to the employment principle of “appointing people on their merit and abilities” and focuses on abstracting talents and strengthening enterprise construction by “talent successor construction, internal training and external introduction, and common development”. The company will, as always, establish a key talent training mechanism with its college and university partners and stick to building alliance relationship with famous universities. Through the development of key talents at different levels, efforts will be made to improve the overall quality of employees, especially the modern operation and management, innovation and decision-making abilities of middle and senior managers and technicians. Incentive mechanism for middle and senior core talents will be constantly optimized and career planning for core talents will be completed well. The principle of “retaining talents through career and mechanism” will be followed to achieve the goal of mutual development and joint business triumph of enterprise and talents.

(3) R&D Strategy

Based on platforms such as national level industry technology centers, academician workstations and key laboratories, the company will intensify cooperation with scientific research institutes and universities, introduce proprietary technologies, build a cooperative innovation mechanism among industry, universities and research institutes, and jointly promote the commercialization of scientific research achievements with application foresight. Secondly, the company will put more efforts into research, development and design of new products, strengthen the study on the fashion trend of leather products, deeply explore the demand of consumers, adapt to and lead the trend of consumption upgrading. The company will continue to promote the project of intelligent technology transformation. Through the cooperation with third parties, the company will jointly develop automatic and intelligent equipment that meets the technical requirements of the leather industry with the help of advanced technologies such as visual recognition technology, intelligent perception technology and artificial intelligence technology, improve production efficiency and the stability of product quality, and promote flexible production of enterprises to meet the needs of customers.

(4) Marketing Strategy

The company will promote technical-based and service-based marketing strategies, strengthen strategic cooperation with downstream customers, and assist downstream customers in new product development. The company will devote greater efforts to introducing experienced technical marketing talents, strengthen sales of strategic brands, and replace the solo work manner with teamwork. That means we will build up a marketing team for strategic brand customers, and serve customers comprehensively from popular trend, technology, design and other aspects to increase the stickiness of customers.

(5) Environmental Protection Strategy

The company will explore green and environmental tanning technology and establish a new technology system of chrome-free tanning and vegetable tanning to reduce tanning pollution and the treatment cost of tanning pollutants, promote the progress of clean tanning technology and realize the sustainable development of the tanning industry.